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Access CCTV feeds from anywhere
at any time, from any device
Control your surveillance cameras with a press of a button from your
smartphone, tablet or home computer.
CCTV Systems Guildford   CONNECT: ANYWHERE
CCTV Security
24 hour, superior surveillance to capture a scene in its finest details
Unlike many other security companies, which are mainly product-led, we specify each and every CCTV system for the job at hand and its application. We can provide estimates on initial enquiry, however the detail is always laid out after a full site survey. We leave no stone unturned to ensure our system design is fit for purpose.

We employ competent CCTV installers who have decades of experience in the industry. They care about our reputation and care about making sure your business is safe and secure 24/7.
CCTV Guildford
Intruder Alarms Guildford Capture footage in stunning high definition
CCTV services from Heston Apex
A CCTV system is a proven deterrent to crime no matter where you have it installed. Our CCTV installers have extensive experience in the installation of the latest cameras and will make sure you're protected.
CCTV Guildford
View live CCTV feeds
Access your CCTV cameras from anywhere in the world via the internet, keep an eye on your property and act quickly if your livelihood is at threat.
CCTV Monitoring Guildford
CCTV Takeovers
We will take care of all the essentials.
Let a trusted and highly regarded CCTV specialist take over your systems. Hundreds of businesses across Guildford trust in Heston Apex.
CCTV Installers Guildford
PTZ Cameras
Covering a much larger area than standard CCTV.
PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) cameras are the perfect option to cover large areas. With 360° field of view and impressive zoom options you can capture evidence like never before.
Why choose Heston Apex?
Technical knowledge, fast installations and customer service is what sets us apart from other security companies.
CCTV Guildford
NSI Gold approved CCTV installers
Being NSI Gold approved means that our CCTV installs comply with the latest NSI and British Standards. This also means you can rest knowing your system is in working order.
CCTV Guildford
Based across Southern England
Although we're based in Guildford, we have installers dotted around the South of England, which means we're never too far away. To find out where we work, please get in touch.
CCTV Guildford
Decades of experience
At Heston Apex Ltd, we've been installing CCTV systems for over 30 years. Our technical knowledge, reliable CCTV installers and fast installs is why people choose us.
CCTV Guildford
Installing quality CCTV systems
We work closely with the industry's leading manufacturers, which means we gain access to the latest and greatest technology. For a FREE quote, please contact our team.
Our engineers are based across the whole of Surrey
Although our CCTV installers are based in Guildford, they cover the whole of the county. Example areas that they work in include:
CCTV Guildford Guildford CCTV Guildford Epsom CCTV Guildford Godalming
CCTV Guildford Woking CCTV Guildford Reigate CCTV Guildford Haslemere
CCTV Guildford Farnham CCTV Guildford Leatherhead CCTV Guildford Weybridge
CCTV maintenance from Heston Apex
Reactive and preventative maintenance from Guildford's leading installers
In order to prevent breakdowns in the future, regular maintenance is needed like you would with any electrical device. We offer an affordable CCTV maintenance service that has always been well received and ensures your systems are performing at their best 24/7.

Based in Guildford and working across Southern England, we offer CCTV maintenance for the likes of schools, office buildings, retail shops and hospitals to name but a few.

For a FREE quote, please get in touch with our Guildford team today.
CCTV Guildford
Intruder Alarms Guildford Experienced and reliable team of CCTV installers
Discuss your CCTV options with our team
Our Guildford team are ready to take your call and answer any questions that you may have about our CCTV services.
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