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Fire systems that meet your needs
and those of your insurers
Our fire experts can design, install, commission and maintain a wide range of
reliable, tailored fire detection systems
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Fire Systems
Fire protection services from Guildford's leading fire alarm installers
Do you need a fire alarm system for your business or home? We offer a full range of services for fire/smoke detection systems from design, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance at very competitive prices. As well as design we also have a full range of products including high sensitivity smoke detection systems from all manufacturers. All our fire/smoke detection systems are designed, installed and maintained to BS5839. If you have a question, just email or call.

We employ a team of experienced and proficiently trained fire alarm installers who ensure all fire alarms are installed correctly and keeping you safe.

Guildford Fire Alarms
Fire Alarms Guildford Fire alarm systems to protect what matters most
"According to the London Fire Brigade every property should have at least one working smoke detector on each floor to ensure the occupants' safety"
Fire protection services from Heston Apex
At Heston Apex, we do more than just install fire alarms. Our fire alarm installers also specialise in the likes of:
Fire Alarms Guildford
Risk Assessment
Detecting fire hazards
It is a legal requirement for all commercial properties to undergo a Fire Risk Assessment. This will identify potential hazards and allow you to develop a fire safety plan accordingly.
Guildford Fire Alarms
Supply and maintenance
Selecting the correct type of fire extinguisher for your application is very important. Our fire experts can advise you on what is best for you and your property.
Fire Alarms Guildford
Alarm Takeovers
With Heston, you're safe
Entrust your fire safety measures to the area's leading fire protection company. We specialise in fire alarm takeovers for businesses of all sizes.
Why choose Heston Apex?
Fire protection has been our forte for many years and hundreds of businesses rely on us to make sure they're safe from the threat of fire.
Fire Alarms Guildford
Approved fire alarm installers
Our engineers have undertaken many training courses over the years, which means you can be confident that they're making sure that your business is safe from the threat of fire.
Fire Alarms Guildford
Based across Southern England
Although we're based in Guildford, we have teams dotted around the South of England, which means we're never to far away from you. To find out where else we work, please give us a call.
Fire Alarms Guildford
Installing fire alarms for decades
We've been installing fire alarms and protecting businesses from the threat of fire for more than 3 decades. For a FREE quote for a new fire alarm, please get in touch.
Fire Alarms Guildford
Installing quality fire alarms
We work closely with the industry's leading manufacturers, which means we gain access to the latest and greatest technology. For a FREE quote, please contact our team.
Our team of fire alarm installers operate across the whole of Surrey
Our network of alarm installers means that we can cover the whole of Surrey. Example places we work in include:
Fire Alarms Guildford Guildford Fire Alarms Guildford Epsom Fire Alarms Guildford Godalming
Fire Alarms Guildford Woking Fire Alarms Guildford Reigate Fire Alarms Guildford Haslemere
Fire Alarms Guildford Farnham Fire Alarms Guildford Leatherhead Fire Alarms Guildford Weybridge
When did you last have your fire alarm serviced?
Professional & reliable fire protection services from Guildford's leading fire company
In the event of a fire, you want to make sure that your fire alarm does the job it's intended to do. Our fire alarm installers also have extensive experience in the servicing and maintenance of fire alarms.

They will carry out vital checks on your alarm multiple times throughout the year to make sure that your fire alarm is in working order and that you're complying with all fire safety standards.

For a FREE quote, please get in touch with our Guildford fire team today.
Fire Alarms Guildford
Ensure your property is safe from fire
Our Guildford fire alarm installers specialise in all aspects of fire protection, which include fire alarms, extinguishers, signage, emergency lighting and maintenance to name but a few.
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